Liebe Blubbers/Dear Blubbers,

Wir optimieren gerade unsere Homepage und sollten mit spätestens Anfang Dezember wieder Online sein. Währendessen werden wir leider nicht die Möglichkeit haben zu liefern oder Pakete zu versenden. Gerne könnt ihr uns im Shop in der Weyprechtgasse 12/1,1160 zu unseren Öffnungszeiten besuchen kommen.

Für Updates zu unseren Produkten könnt ihr gerne auf unserem Instagram Feed schauen.

Danke für euer Verständnis und hoffentlich bis bald.

We will be optimising our website in the next months, therefore the product list will not be available here and we will not be doing deliveries in Vienna on Friday.

Sorry for any inconvenience and hopefully we'll be up and running soon!

Weyprechtgasse 12/1
1160 Wien

Tel: (+43) 6605180697


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We carry a wide range of products:

Fermented Products; including Kimchi, Miso, Shoyu, Tamari and much more.

Pasteurized Products; including Jams, Pickles, Chutney’s, Pesto’s, Mustards and much more.

Come visit us at our shop in the heart of the 16th District (Close to Yppenplatz) in Vienna or place an order for delivery.


We are Saly & Ulrich Wolfger better known as BLVB.

Two experimental cooks, preserving and conserving anything we can get our hands on.

We met in Toronto, Canada in 2010, fell in love and shortly thereafter moved to Austria.

Together for 10 years, food & cooking has always been an integral part of our lives apart and even more so our lives together.

We introduced BLVB to Brunnenmarkt; our local farmers' market, in 2014 as a way to express ourselves. Truly, the best creative outlet either one of us has ever had.




Working with Local, Seasonal & Wild Collected products native to Austria, our philosophy is to ensure we are supporting our local farmers and to highlight the diverse products of this beautiful country. Tradition mixed with innovative approaches and flavors.

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